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French Hoods:

Reconstructing The French Hood: An In-depth Analysis – Originally Published in June 2009 on Your Wardrobe Unlock’d. (27 pages, 8MB)

Fabulous French Hoods – The first pieces of research, 2006

Pattern Development:

Step-By-Step Draping Tutorial For A Basic 16th Century Bodice – In photo-format to take the mystery out of draping, 2009.

Eliminating Darts From A Basic Pattern Sloper – The earliest tutorial for this website, 2000.

Sixteenth Century Supportive Garments:

Bodies, Stays, and Corsets – A Very Preliminary Report – A brief report on on-going research concerning the existence of separate boned garments before 1580 in England.

Elizabethan Corsetry – What We Think We Know – Handout for West Kingdom A&S Tournament, June 2009

Various Boning Options for Historical Corsetry– Uses and ideas for boning in Historical Corsetry


Tudor Is The New Black – An Introduction To The Tudor Look – An introductory article written for Finery, January 2008

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  1. I just wanted to thank you, I was told about your web site by a friend as I was struggling to make a French hood for Kentwell (Tudor recreation in Suffolk) using the Tudor tailor pattens but I found your article on reconstructing a French hood invaluable. I used your patterns and ideas on construction and have just finished a French hood I am very proud of… And that stays on without pins and grips!

    So thank you so much for explaining the layers and construction so clearly.

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