Navy Shoes – Zig Zag Awesome

January 16th, 2014

Hi all – this is the first pair that I’ve made using the zig-zag punch of awesome from Brian Brown Armory. I absolutely love the look. It’s very similar to the extant pieces shown there, and are the model for Lesson 9. Note that in so many things, clothing, shoes, arts, etc., smaller is actually more correct. So much of the detail, the pinking, the small notches, the decoration, and the like was done small to show off the artistry of the craftsperson. As re-enactors, there is a tendency to make things larger and more visible, but my experience has taught me that less really is more.

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2 Responses to “Navy Shoes – Zig Zag Awesome”

  1. Trystan Says:

    Navy? Oh, they looked purple to me, but that could be me & my wishful monitor :)

  2. raisedheels Says:

    I would call them a bit of a mix between eggplant and purple. Not truly navy, since the dye bleeds when you last the shoe, but still a pretty color!

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