1570s Heels from the Dutch

July 15th, 2013

Based on a 1590s pair of shoes found in a Dutch shipwreck (Dutch SO-1 ship­wreck, wrecked off the island of Texel in the Wad­den Sea on Christ­mas Eve in 1593), I used the slashing pattern and a 1570s pattern to make this newest image. You can see both the original and my work below. I clarified the lozenges on the vamp to make them distinct, and the quarters do not cut away in the center like the extant pieces do. I also cut some vamp tabs for a touch more decoration. Single heel lift on these – one thing I did notice is that I need to burnish both after the outsoling is done (when the outsole is wet) to flatten it out, and then after it is dry, to give it a sheen. I have also started to burnish the sole of the shoe to give it a bit of a shine as well.

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