Sitting Pretty in the 16th C.

May 11th, 2011

A pair of shoes for Edmund, very similar to Lesson 7: Mid 16th C. Shoes (Stacked Leather). I also pegged these shoes, although upon further reading, I do believe that rectangular pegs only started coming around in the late 17th. Perhaps the next time, I’ll experiment with a different type of peg. From what I have read on the Crispin Colloquy, they were typically oblong or oval shaped, probably from whittling away thin strips of wood.

Also note that in these shoes, I’ve made the lining much fuller so it can be partially pulled through the slits in the upper. I’ll be curious to know how well it stays!

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2 Responses to “Sitting Pretty in the 16th C.”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Rarely have I seen such beautiful repros with such detailed and helpful instructions. Your work is marvelous. Well done.

  2. raisedheels Says:

    Thank you very much! The compliment is well appreciated.

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