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An 18th century excursion

On Saturday, several friends met up for an excursion to the 18th century at the Legion of Honor. This was just one of those informal excuses to get dressed up in 18th century and parade around artwork, but it turned into a big deal at the museum quite by accident! They were so impressed and charmed by our little impromptu soirée that they comped us desert and champagne! The head curator of the European collection came out to personally tell us he thought we looked fabulous and even chatted with us a little bit in character (he knew much of the background of all of our characters).

I have to admit, I was expecting people to be curious at most, and just ignore the weirdos in 18th century garb at worst (it being San Francisco, and all). Far from it! We were stopped constantly, asked for photos, and chatted up by dozens of people who were genuinely interested in what we were doing at the museum. One woman even gave us chocolate and toasted us with champagne in the cafe garden! It was hilarious and random and so much fun.

So, here’s some pictures! I rushed to make the new gray striped gown wearable for the day, but it isn’t yet finished (still needs the sash/belt, gauze cuffs on the sleeves, and a proper hat).

More of the random pics that I took:

You can find more pics here:

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