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Selling Old Costumes

I’ve been going through an intense bout of Spring Cleaning (ok, it’s only 3 months late) and my costume closet overfloweth with costumes I am no longer inclined to wear for one reason or another.

If you’re under 5’2″ tall, and have measurements hovering around 36″ bust and 30″ waist, you’re in luck! If you’re not, well, I also have a ton more fabric, jewelry, and patterns to offer. :)

Also, be sure to check out Trystan’s Online Garage Sale. Profits from her sale are being put toward her breast cancer treatment.


Buy my stuff!

I just booked plane tickets to D.C. for a research trip for my thesis, and holy cow, are hotels and rental cars expensive! (Not so much the plane tickets, actually. I was able to get a really good deal on them from Virgin America.)

See this? This is cool. And it can be yours!

So, to try to offset the cost of this trip, I have opened CocoRocaille, an Etsy shop for vintage costume jewelry, patterns and some fabrics, and other costuming related items. Please check it out and I really hope something catches your fancy. I’ll be adding more things in the coming days, so please keep checking back to see what’s new!

Also, I have books listed at, including a lot of costume-related and research titles like this, this, and this, to name a few.

I sort of hate to shill like this, but a girl has to do what she can in order to fund her research!  I guess it beats stripping to put myself through grad school, right?  Although I hear that pays really well…