Chemise Post #23: Kendra’s robe en gaulle

Way back in my first post, I discussed the terminology confusion surrounding the “gaulle” and the “chemise.” Back when we thought these dresses were two different things, and not simply later iterations of the chemise gown, Kendra made a lovely peach-toned gaulle.

aIMG_2525Kendra’s gown features the tight, wrist length sleeves, and the fitted back of the late-1780s-90s style chemise gowns, and is made from a pale peach colored cotton lawn. This gown ultimately spurred me to try my own hand at making a “gaulle,” based on one of the gowns from The Duchess (my one and only movie costume, to date).

You can learn more about Kendra’s gown by visiting her website.


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3 Responses to Chemise Post #23: Kendra’s robe en gaulle

  1. Kendra says:

    I just used the term “gaulle” because I’m a terminology geek — I’d read it in Queen of Fashion, was intrigued cause I hadn’t heard it before… And then suddenly everyone assumed a gaulle meant a fitted back!

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