Chemise post #15: Kind of fell off the bandwagon…

I carpool to work with Trystan and the last two days she’s been ragging on me for falling off the daily posting bandwagon. Work has really ramped up in the last week and I’ve been up to my eyeballs with it, which means less time to think about pretty dresses.

Anyway, today, Kendra posted this to my Facebook wall, with the caption:

“Chemise gown WITH KITTEH.”

Miss Brummell, Thomas Gainsborough, 1781-2.

Miss Brummell, Thomas Gainsborough, 1781-2.

Ok, point taken.

Standby for more posts…

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4 Responses to Chemise post #15: Kind of fell off the bandwagon…

  1. avantgarbe says:

    Good to know that cat hair all over my gowns is period!

  2. Jan Boyes says:

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