18th Century makeup tutorial

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I got it in my head today to do two little videos on 18th century hair and makeup, mainly because I wanted to remind myself what I did to my hair for the Bal di Carnivale (the makeup stuff I know by heart). Figured others might find it interesting, too!

First up is the makeup tutorial. Pretty basic stuff, but you never know… Might be useful! Apologies for the crappy sound, too. Apparently my MacBook’s microphone sucks

I’ll post the hair tutorial tomorrow!

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  1. I’m so glad you put the Jurlique name out there, Im a complete devotee! Your tutorial is fantastic and the art observation is superb.

    • I love Jurlique! The moisturizing day cream is the only moisturizer I’ve found that works on my skin, doesn’t make my skin freak out, and works under makeup. It is worth EVERY STINKING PENNY.

  2. love it! for those who don’t know what bella donna is you may wish to explain. and in the last few seconds there is overlay text that says “title text here”


    • Good point! Bella Donna is the 16th century courtesan group I’m a part of. I’d go back in add that text, but it took me a million years to upload it to YouTube in the first place… :P

  3. Wow, very helpful. Wasn’t aware of the pinky-red eyelid coloring until you pointed it out and demonstrated it.

    Thanks muchly, and looking forward to the hair tutorial,


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