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The website has been successfully transferred to the new server and I’ve recovered the blog posts, comments, and other WordPress content! Now it’s just the relatively simple task of uploading the old website links pre-WP and we are good to go!

And I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of my lovely fiancĂ©, who as he was leaving for faire this morning, heard me bitching about how I couldn’t get the backed up SQL database from the old server to overwrite the new database on the new server, and was all “Oh, yeah, I had that happen to me and here’s how I fixed it.”

Thank you, baby. You rock.


One thought on “YES! SUCCESS!

  1. Dear Sarah!! I’m so proud of the lovely lady you have become! You were always lovely to me! Is there an “icon” or something I can “click” on to get your Mode Historique without searching for it? Love your essays on historical dresses, etc. Keep up the excellent work! Love you, Grandma Missed you at the birthday party!

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