Chemise Post #27: surprise chemise!

I’m in Dr Lambert’s office and decided to take a stretch break after hunching over the chemise gown. There’s a museum catelog on a nearby windowsill, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: Old Masters, so I’m flipping through it and what do I spy?


Zoffany, Group Portrait with Sir Elijah and Lady Impey, detail. 1783-84.

And six feet from that book is a real chemise gown. This is a cool feeling. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chemise Post #27: surprise chemise!

  1. P.S. With all your research into the chemise gown and the discovery that the gaulle is the same thing (I haven’t been following you for a while, so it was new to me!), here’s one I discovered in the Rundāle Palace in Latvia:
    She was apparently the lady-in-waiting to Dorothea von Medem, the last Duchess of Curonia – who actually wore chemise gowns, too.

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