I think it’s high time I gave a shoutout to Cassidy over at Mimic-of-Modes. Cassidy has been putting up translations of Galerie des Modes and Cabinet des Modes fashion plates for a few years now. Her translations on the chemise gown have been helpful for my own research, as her grasp of the nuances of French is somewhat better than mine, so I’d frequently check my translations against hers as I was compiling written references to the chemise. Her thesis was also on the chemise gown, but on the later iterations, whereas I’m focused on the earliest incarnations.

If you haven’t been spending hours trawling through her translations, you really should start. It’s an impressive project she’s got going on there!

010-0000-058 - Copy

“Gown en chemise of white Foulard, with lemon spots, and edged entirely with a black ribbon, contrasted rather well with the Casque à la Bellone, diversified with such resplendent colors. It was tightened by a wide black belt, forming a bow in the back.” – Translated by Cassidy Percoco.