Projects for 2014 – Victorian Day Gown

Oh, I hate Victorian with a passion. I find the overall silhouette from 1800 to 1899 pretty much not to my liking, but for a few years in the 1870s and a couple spots in the 1890s. But then again, I’m willing to set aside my dislike of the entire century for a chance to play dress-up with my friends at Kentwell. Yes, it appears as though I will be spending a weekend in the early 1870s at one of Kentwell’s Victorian reenactments! I’m hoping to be approved to portray a wealthy American heiress, a la The Bucaneers.

Anyway, here’s my pinterest board where I’m hoarding images of early 1870s frocks that I don’t hate. I’m not sure yet where I’m going with the dress, but who cares? EYECANDY.

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