Holy Grail…

It’s Valentine’s Day, so let’s talk about love. Or rather, lust. There’s this fabric I lust after… And I probably will never get it. It doesn’t exist as far as I know, and I suppose I could have it custom woven, but I’m terrified of what the cost would end up being. But, oh, what I wouldn’t do for 10 yards of something like this:

Detail of ikat silk taffeta from a gown in the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute.
Detail of ikat silk taffeta from a gown in the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute.

I know the cheaper alternative would be to digitize a pattern and upload it to Spoonflower, but I’m a purist. And Spoonflower doesn’t print on taffeta. So, this will remain my holy grail fabric and I will quest for it endlessly until it is mine. Which will probably be never, since I seem to have an issue with wanting a specific type of fabric and then being unable to ever find it.

What’s your holy grail in costuming?

12 thoughts on “Holy Grail…

  1. It’s one of mine too! Periodically I go on long Google quests for ikat fabrics and damn, there really is nothing like the 18th C stuff out there, not in silk anyway. Then I start pondering trying to get someone in India to custom weave this stuff…

    1. It could be painted, I suppose. If I had access to the old dye lab at UC Davis I’d consider trying to reproduce it with textile paints, but I just don’t have access to the necessary set up any more. 😛

  2. Velvet in a very specific shade of blue to match perfectly a gorgeous silk satin I have – and yes this is for a particular gown as you know. *sigh*

  3. Since Martin Ciszuk had his accident and the brain damage doesn’t seem to go away, I wonder if Duran Textiles ever will. After all, he was the weaver in the partnership.
    And a really, really nice guy who always shared his research and good teacher on our courses – I miss him.

  4. That was my favorite piece in the KCI show we had at FIT. I have managed to purchase a few saris that have similar painted warps, (patola) but the fabric is an organza type silk. Perfect for dolls, not so much for big girls.

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