I’ve attempted to plan my costuming for the year in the last couple of years and then completely did not stick to the plan. At this point I’ve almost decided not to jinx myself by talking about a project I want to do… But then again, if I don’t talk about these things, what’s the point in having a blog?

Anyway, I’m totally enamored of this portrait right now, and looking at Merja’s photos from the Christmas Ball she attended where everyone was in white really has made it hard for me not to want this even more:

Lady in White,  Lié Louis-Périn Salbreux, 1776

Lady in White, Lié Louis-Périn Salbreux, 1776

While down in SoCal last week for a Disneyland escapade, we popped into the L.A. garment district and one of my missions was to find a white-on-white sheer/satin 2″ stripe organza for this dress. Which, of course, meant that I found no such thing. Apparently if I go down to the garment district with an actual idea of what I want to buy, I will not find it there. I was even willing to go for a synthetic if it had the right stripe, but nope. Ebay & Etsy, too, proved fruitless in the search. As did basically every other online fabric store I could think of. I pretty much resigned myself to putting this dress into the “probably will never happen” category.

Then, randomly, while looking for something else entirely, I found the right sort of fabric, for less than an arm & a leg! The stripes are a tad wider than in the portrait, but who cares? I’ll take it.


Beggars can’t be choosers.

I already have several yards of white silk shantung that could work for the base gown, but I’m kind of liking the idea of finding a good, warm-toned white silk taffeta, similar to what I used as the base for my Eugenie gown. Something that would give it a nice glow in natural light, but also makes a stunning candlelit effect.

Does anyone else love white? What are your favorite white gowns?