5 thoughts on “18th Century Hairstyling Tutorial

  1. Wow, what a super tutorial: clear, easy to follow. Plagued by migraines, heavy wigs just aren’t an option for me. You’ve developed a light solution for the weight-challenged, and there are quite a few of us, I bet, who’ll be thankful.

    Plus, who knew I might be wearing some of the brown alpaca fleece a friend gave me on my head!? Crazy 🙂 Now, to wait for Kendra Van Cleave’s book to publish so the roll-making method is revealed…

    Any tutorials you happen to think of will be appreciated from this quarter; I’m just getting into the earlier 18th century after years’ sojourn in the 1790s.

    Very best,

    Natalie from snowy KY

  2. Love it! Visually, I prefer the look of the smaller bouffant style you did to the ginormous big wigs. I really enjoyed the makeup tutorial too. You should definately do more tutorials, you explain things very easy. Will there be a tutorial on how you prepped the wiglet?

    You mentioned difficulty getting your fine hair to hold a curl, do you use a thermal setting spray before curling? I deal with a lot of fine haired gals at the salon for proms and weddings and I found the absolute best setting spray for hard to curl and hard to hold hair is a product by Redken called Hot Sets 22. It is like styling cement. It is a bit stiff, so not the most fun to comb out as your styling, but I have found that on about 75% of my hard to curl/hold ladies, it really does the trick.

    Lynn Brooks

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I have thin hair, and I just had it cut short. I have quite a few hair pieces, and now I know what to do with them all. I, ordered your friend, Kendra’s book. Am excited to see all the secrets of hair through the periods. Thanks again.

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