Boar’s Hunt Feast

Yesterday was the annual Fall feast here in the Mists, Boar’s Hunt. I love this event… It’s very laid back, fun, and takes place at one of my favorite sites, Camp Herms in El Cerrito. I managed to finish my blue wool gown before leaving for the feast, owing to a week’s worth of distractions that made it impossible to finish until the last possible minute. I still have to line the sleeves, but otherwise, the dress is complete.

It was my first time wearing a wimple, too! And contrary to my belief, I neither looked nor felt frumpy in it. In fact, the amount of compliments I got with this outfit was more than I’ve gotten in years with any other outfit. I had people coming up to me saying how flattering/pretty/attractive the style was, and apparently a wimple and veil are a total guy magnet, because loads of gents made a point of saying “Heyyyyy girl,” if you know what I mean. 😉 Never would have thought it would be so… attention grabbing… considering I’m so covered.

Anyway, here’s some pics taken by Trystan. Not much to say about the dress other than, well, it worked out about the way I expected it to. Now to finish the blue silk taffeta bliaut for 12th Night!

2 thoughts on “Boar’s Hunt Feast

  1. Ooooh, nicely done! Yes, that’s a flattering look. Very shapely. 🙂 It’s also a lot cooler than those medieval engravings would have me believe.

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