Fun With Rectangular Construction

There’s a reason my tagline is “Historical Personality Disorder,” my friends. I cycle through so many different historical periods, and I am hitting that point where I’m starting to feel disoriented by it all!

Two dear friends of mine are going to be stepping up as the next King & Queen of the West and I got myself tangled up in court duties as a result, and OF COURSE, they’re doing a 9th-12th c. reign and, OF COURSE, I have nothing to wear in that era. So, I had to go and start researching the heck out of clothing from that period, and I finally settled on 12th Century. Which means I’ve been in a tunic-making frenzy for the last several weeks. Now, I realize most of my readers couldn’t care less about anything pre-1400 but I’m kind of excited about the prospect of reaching deeper into the past than I typically do and brushing up my rectangular construction skills. And I’m learning that there’s a lot of fabulousness to be had on the other side of 1400! Bliauts for one thing… Though they’re 12th century, I’m totally making one because I have wanted to for DECADES. Also, the Merovingians had some pretty awesome clothes for women… Knee-length tunics, baby!

The only problem is that until the entire outfit is finished and put together, it’s kinda boring to blog about. (“See this pile of linen? It’s going to be awesome, I promise!” “Check out this rectangular construction, baby!”)

I did snap some pics of my 12th Night bliaut, though:

The colors and the cross fleuries are mimicked from my newly changed SCA heraldic device. All of the stuff I’ve been doing in the SCA from Day One has been after the heraldic display era, so getting a chance to slather myself in my device is pretty awesome. 🙂

So that’s about where it all stands right now. I will have some updates soon on other stuff… But for now, I welcome my new Rectangular Construction palette cleansing obsession. I was starting to get bored with fitted construction to be honest!

5 thoughts on “Fun With Rectangular Construction

  1. I’ve not gone that far back in history yet, but it may happen. I started in 1913, went to 1776 from there, so anything is possible! I love the look of your bliaut though; I see some research in my future, but not till 1776 is completed (and worn to drop my son to school)

  2. I am most interested in the era around 1200,and the basic rectangular construction. I am working up the courage to make a copy of a tunic of St Louis, researched by Dorothy Burnham. I am just getting started on historical costuming, rather late in life. I always told myself I’d sew when I was a grandma–but grandkids kept me busy. Now I have time.
    I will be keeping an eye on your work. Love what I have seen so far. Lovely Bliaut. Did you hand embroider the cross fleuries?

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