I just booked plane tickets to D.C. for a research trip for my thesis, and holy cow, are hotels and rental cars expensive! (Not so much the plane tickets, actually. I was able to get a really good deal on them from Virgin America.)

See this? This is cool. And it can be yours!

So, to try to offset the cost of this trip, I have opened CocoRocaille, an Etsy shop for vintage costume jewelry, patterns and some fabrics, and other costuming related items. Please check it out and I really hope something catches your fancy. I’ll be adding more things in the coming days, so please keep checking back to see what’s new!

Also, I have books listed at Half.com, including a lot of costume-related and research titles like this, this, and this, to name a few.

I sort of hate to shill like this, but a girl has to do what she can in order to fund her research!  I guess it beats stripping to put myself through grad school, right?  Although I hear that pays really well…