Rectangular construction is a sneaky bitch…

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Super grouchy right now, but I’ve been productive, despite every conceivable set back today. My back and neck are killing me. I spent too much money on a bunch of stuff that I needed, but probably should have spaced the purchases out rather than just rack up a bunch of $$$ all at once. I’m trying not to think about it.

One of the things I bought today were tinted lenses for a pair of round faux tortoise shell glasses frames from my mom’s boyfriend’s dead stock (he’s a retired ophthalmologist and he has frames dating back to the early 60s. Some of them are really wild… Rhinestone encrusted opalescent Bakelite cat’s eye frames, for instance. I am in love with them, but there’s no way in hell I could ever pull them off, even with a hefty dose of irony). I made the mistake of going to Lenscrafters, however, where I was charged up the wazoo for the tinted, non-prescription lenses. I probably should have shopped around, but I didn’t, so I paid for my laziness in the form of an arm and a leg. But at least I have reasonably perioid round dark glasses for SCA events. And they’re even tinted green! I couldn’t find a suitable “amber” at Lenscrafters that was dark enough to meet my photophobic needs. Hopefully this will cut down on the number of migraines I get from being out in the bright daylight during events.

Yesterday, I whipped out a Viking ensemble so I could show solidarity for my Norse peeps at West/An Tir during their Norse Cultural Night. It’s totally cute! I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t see myself wearing it more than just once, afterall. I used fabric I had on hand, which amounted to a lot of black wool, which I’m afraid is probably not the most authentic color to use for this period, but it’s what I had. The linen under-tunic is kind of an earthy madder pink, which is also a difficult color to get using period dyes for this era, but again, it’s what I had on hand. And now I just need to figure out some Norse bling. Got a few friends offering to loan me some necklaces and broaches but I figure I’d like to have something for my own…

I also got most of the way finished with a pair of cotes for Franics, which were the trade items we agreed upon for the Ashmolean shoes. The overcote of dark blue wool flannel came out nicely, but the red linen under cote is driving me up a wall. I had to banish it to the closet for the night after the sleeves went from being too big to too small in the process of sewing them to the body.

And speaking of frustrating linen garments, I took advantage of the 50% linen sale at Joann’s today and got some normally stupidly expensive yarn dyed linen for half off . It wanted to be a 12th-13th c. undergown, and I was feeling all mighty from yesterday’s triumphant Viking p0wnage, and confident in my rectangular construction skillz. Too confident, apparently, because the gown decided to be made of fail. It was the stupid gores… First, I was working from about 1/2 yard less fabric than I normally feel comfortable working with for this style, so I was trying to be all conscious of measuring the right length for the gores, but I forgot that my math sucks. So, I ended up with gores that were 5″ too short. I ended up ripping them out and sewing them back in… God, I lost count count of how many times, until I finally gave up and admitted I needed to go back to the fabric store and buy another yard of the fabric. Then, mysteriously, I ended up with gores that were 4″ too long… But that’s better than too short, so in the long run, I was ok with that particular miscalculation.

FINALLY, I got the gown assembled and it just needs hemming. I really like the look, but it is definitely not the style I am known for wearing. It’s kind of boring compared to the over the top 16th c. stuff I usually wear. But I think that’s why I kind of dig it. It’s simple and comfortable and fits like a glove.

I’m so tired right now, I really should go to bed… I have to go to Berkeley tomorrow to help sew stuff for the Principality gift baskets for West/An Tir War. So I’ll be plenty busy with other sewing projects and it might make me less likely to start a crazy new outfit before we leave on Wednesday. 😛

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